SUGGESTION: Clan War System!

Good idea.
I’d at least like the ability to have a group name placed in front of your display name. Just like csgo.
It allows you to be identified for a certain group for that game only.
Having to change your steam name for 1 game is annoying.

Very cool Kanye thank you! But for real this souds like something I'd enjoy in the game. What would be the clan size? I'm thinking however many people are on a team playing competitive.

Without a good and complete Clan Support System in Sandstorm... my 200+ member online PS4 War Clan won't even consider playing this game.

Also Sandstorm must have User Custom Private Servers to RENT or BUY, to host Private and public Clan Wars and Tournaments. If we can't control the game and customize it to our needs... we'll look elsewhere.


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As for private servers, anyone can run one, maybe someday some biznez will offer preinstalled ones.

I dont see how this would work