Please remove jump

Have been killed by Call of Duty style jumping shotgun headshots recently. Please remove jump. This game is far too tactical to have usable call of duty tactics.

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I'd prefer to be able to use my legs to launch myself in an upwards trajectory, like in real life, thank you very much.

@ulfrs I dunno what game you been playing I can’t shoot when I jump?? Lol just sayin..

I'm calling BS. You can't shoot while in midair. This just seems like another case of 'nerf everything so I can't get outplayed by better players'.

ArmA doesn't have jumping, vaulting obstacles yes, but no bunny-hopping... And ArmA should be considered the gold standard of tactical gameplay (it has very realistic [and unforgiving] ballistics simulation).

will go out on a limb and say it was probably Desync. he most likely shot you in between jumps, but on your end he was mid-air. have seen similar examples like this with most games.

You can shoot in air after jumping.
YOU CAN shoot in mid air if falling however.

Like the guy above me was trying to say, you cannot shoot midair if you jumped. However if you simply fell/vaulted you can shoot midair but it's mostly luck.

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