When it comes to rank, we want something that hits hard. HARD AF. 1 body shot to death to unarmored enemy is what we want IMO in ranked.

Of all the people I played with in Ranked, I haven’t seen too many that equip armor because it weighs so much and waste supply points and either way it’s likely that enemies still gets killed sith 2 body shots with or without armor.

-With that said, what is your favorite gun in ranked? Specify security/insurgents
-Are you a medium distance engager or short or long?
-Do you spray or tap most of the time?
-what rank are you?

I guess It’s kinda like population survey but for my own use hehehehe

For me,

  • Mk 14 Ebr with 2x red dot or scar with 1x holo/SVD with either 2x kobra or 1.5x.
    -medium-long. Barely short.
    -tap most of the time hence i prefer guns that shoot big ole’s bullets.