Hi everybody

I join a match all fine and dandy 🙂 but when the round is over the next map loads and when it reaches 100% I can hear the voices on the backgground "lets go" , "lets get them" but on my screen I still see the map loading.
I have to Alt+F4 everytime and then rejoin a match 😞

A small performance tip (this worked for me) that solves stuttering:
Control Panel - nvidia control panel - Manage 3D Settings - Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames (set this to 2) (you can edit other settings to performance instead of quality if you want)

Setup : i7-6700K @ 4.0Ghz / 16Bg Ram @ 2133Mhz / GTX1080 / SSD/ Win 10 x64 / all latest drivers /

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