Hi there and all the best to NWI!
Been with you since the standalone Insurgency and I love the way you're pushing onward with the Sandstorm.

I want to share a few points to consider about the faction loadouts, hope they will be useful.
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  • First and foremost, the military faction as of now is at a serious costs disadvantage to the insurgents.
    Military: expensive weapons + no free sidearm + no free gas mask
    Insurgents: cheaper weapons + free base sidearm + free gas mask
    Honestly, the military should be the one issued with free/cheaper base sidearm and gas mask to even out the more costly weapon selection, when the insurgents have relatively cheaper guns, with more points to spend on extra equip.
    A balance through complementing, yin & yang...

  • A main menu access to the loadout menus for each game mode (coop/versus/competitive) would be really helpful, as already suggested by f0rsak9n.
    Tinkering with loadouts does take some time and consideration, especially since each mode has very different cost restrictions. Now even more than before, it kind of sucks to only be able to do this while a match is running and you're short on time.

  • Also, since we already are able to delete and manage the character customization presets, it would be very helpful to have the same option with the loadout presets, as already suggested by BlueMouse.

  • The wider variety of attachment options is great, but making them a bit more practically available would make the whole thing even more interesting and useful.
    The differences between equip restrictions in each mode do feel a little extreme. The Coop gives you way more points than you can use, the Versus is relatively well balanced, but in the Competitive you struggle only to make a reasonable setup. It does make the game somewhat more engaging, but in the end it rules out many of the guns/attachments as just too impractical to use.

  1. For example, a minor overall "inflation" of the point values may create more variable space for tradeoffs between different pieces of equipment, turning the loadout setup into a more interesting and rewarding process.
  2. Alternatively, it might be a good addition to bring back the extra equip point for each round of the current match, as in the previous Insurgency.
  • Another good point, already brought up by Lorgun, is to add a magnification switch on optics that do enable it in reality (and most other modern games too). Considering the relatively steep costs of optics in-game right now, it would only make them fairly justifiable.

  • And... just on a small personal sidenote: My little L85 is sad that somebody forbade it to play with a 2x reddot, while all the other guns can. Do a good deed, pretty please... It's Christmas, right? 😉

Anyway, cheers to you, folks!
Merry Insurgencymas and a successful year 2019.