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I dont want to change to much about the interface overall right now I think NW did a great job - some small things here
and there. I worked a bit on the composition of this screen - the Console Interface is in the back of my head but is not really my focus here.

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0_1545984937920_Play 1.png

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Play the game. I wanted to make this look a little bit more interessting and wanted to make it less floaty. Focusing the player on the important stuff without different sizes of the boxes when hovering/activating them etc. I also switch the background to a outside scene because I think the player should notice that he is now going out for an "adventure" - Its open, brighter and gives a better contrast to the available options.

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0_1545985001486_Appearance 1.png

0_1545985012502_Appearance 2.png

0_1545985023466_Appearance 3.png
This stuff is heavy work in progress right now. Feedback is welcome on the whole appearance experience. I just throw in some ideas here and there ^^ I can see that this is a really challenge for the devs, just thinking about Consoles this is blowing my mind - but I really like the challenge and I look forward what NW is coming up with - a Blackops/Destiny controll approach could also work well (just the mouse cursor controlled by the right or left stick)

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This is the Artboard in figma right now - left side is the design I shared with you - and right side is screenshots and some archived stuff I didnt want to delete - just to give you an idea what something like this looks like.

Hi guys, this is a little side project I did because I wanted to check out figma - At work Im a sketch user - I heard a lot about figma lately and I wanted to try it out under "work conditions"

Besides that I thought why not sharing this creation with the community of Insurgency. I really love the Game and Im super gratefull what the devs of NWI did - kudos kudos kudos - my fps of the year! But some aspects of the gui are not that refined imho. So I thought lets give it a try - So far I had a blast working on this - and I think I will continue working on it. (Holidays lul) The next thing I want to check out is the prototype functions of Figma - maybe I will share something that is clickable in the near future.

Hope you like it - the Appearance screen is still heavy work in progress but I wanted to share it anyway because I want to hear what people think about this section and what they have in mind for this. Feedback is welcome.And maybe this will give the Developers of the game (or maybe you) some Ideas here and there.

Thx for the read & take care guys!

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