Thought penetration was a thing?

I have on many occasions now failed to kill people because of thin objects made of wood. Doors. Posts. Etc.. several bullets and they are not making it to the target it’s not my aim I’m sitting still and using focus as well as firing in small bursts. This is with the AKM. M16. G36. The last time was the FAL and I literally shot at a guy who was in prone position and could not hit him because of a 2-3 inch piece of wood between the two of us. I shot it on purpose with him right in my line of fire behind the wood to test this theory of mine and sure enough out of probably about the 7 bullets before he saw and killed me none of them made it to him. I will mention he was about 20 yards away and the wood was about 5 yards from me. Regardless the penetration in this game is just very very sad and the ones that really piss me off are the doors. So many times I have just absolutely lit a door up 100% knowing there was a person behind it and nothing no kill no screaming it’s a thin wooden door. I would love to provide video of this as I should have several but the recap very very rarely works for me... I don’t understand why there are just soo damn many inconsistencies in this game.. smh..

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I think penetration works ATM at least to some level
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I'm pretty sure I nailed the second guy through the corner. But I guess it's not ArmA (where hiding from a heavy mg in a mud hut is kinda useless exercise, they will just light up the whole building and no-one survives....)

edit: here I definitely nail the last guy through the wall
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