The AI aim bot is god like.

You cant snipe in this game because the bots will just dome you far super far away instantly. They will be the size of about 5 pixels on my screen well not scoped in and will head shot my in 1 to 3 shots...... with irons. like the bot does not even have a scope. WTF. The there is the this where they will walk in a building and kill you before you ever have a chance to fire at them. Like you take the best csgo player out there and he or she could not react fast enough to kill the bots when they do this. Now they dont do this all the time in fact the building breaching one is pretty rare, but the sniping you from super far away is all the time. I have given up sniping in coop because of this. I cant be done. Please tweek the bots detection at rang and there accuracy at rang.

Just the last couple of days of playing vs bots has yielded the following:

  • Bots have unrealistically good aim
  • Bots prefire
  • Melee'ing bots doesn't kill them (even when headshot melee) but they oneshot
  • Bots soaking bullets like a swamp but oneshotting to the chest of players even when the bots have no armor and players have max armor
  • Bots instakilling at stupid distances the second you round the corner when they have not seen you yet
  • Bots spawning in on objectives just taken
  • Bots spawning into buildings that are cleared and have all points of entry covered, and proceeding to kill players because of it
  • Bots seemingly prioritized over players by the servers, causing a case of "who shot first?" to happen, even when half a mag has been fired by the player into the bot, they fire once and player dies without them dying
  • Bots on 50 call shoot through buildings and walls without having any way of knowing there is a player there
  • Bots wallbanging randomly and hitting players from absurd distances
  • Suicide bomber bots blowing up next to caches and not detonating it
  • Suicide bomber bots spawning in numbers in excess of 3 and more at the time
  • Bot-team helis shooting at impossible angles, shooting through buildings and roofs, player helis not doing the same
  • Bots throwing MLB-grade grenades, impossible angles, through railings that the grenade can barely even fit through
  • Bots throwing smoke grenades and hitting players, killing the player
  • Bots having different perception of smoke than players, sometimes blinded by smoke players can see through, other times seeing right through smoke players can't
  • Bot commanders calling in multiple strikes at the same time
  • Bots throwing grenades that land exactly where you are about to spawn, killing you upon spawning (far from just once that's happened even just today)

It's getting pretty silly at this point how much ridiculous is happening. My biggest gripe with it all is probably the servers clearly prioritizing the bots over the players and soaking up way too many shots.

I've meleed bots to death (oneshot too). Their grenade-aim is godlike though and needs to add some randomness.

Bots spawning into cleared buildings and taken objectives has separate thread on general.

Bots seemingly prioritized: considering they run on the server they always have ping of 0 and in case of "simultaneous" fire are always some tens of ms ahead of you so this kind of "prioritization" simply happens because of ping difference.

I've noticed bots will actually shoot before aiming at you. Sometimes they hit even when not looking at you. They seem to know where you are exactly sometimes, even when you've made no noise. They still run like 30mph at times, with broken run animations. The developers have had several months to fix these issues and it's getting ridiculous. I wonder what they are doing.


This can be adapted to with some practice - Keep at it and be afraid of bullets. You can snipe but you can’t stay still in one position in this game. After exposing yourself for about 2 seconds max (time you need to find, aim and shot) you hide again. Reappear in a slightly different spot. Unless holding choke points and have every enemy approach in visual at once. In cqb it’s more like 1 second max.

TLDR change position frequently, short exposure.

They still run like 30mph at times, with broken run animations.

Yuuuup. I don’t play PvP so I’ve been dealing with this exact thing for the 75 hours I’ve played this game. Not only this, but everything listed above by @Mainfold. Among the most immersion-breaking flaws in this game is the weird running/general behaviour of the AI. So many times I am caught off guard by a soldier running in one direction, only to either stop and start running again in .5 seconds, over and over again. It looks ridiculous.

I think the worst is probably when I face off with the AI and this happens. You know the second or so of time you have to kill them, if they don’t aimbot one-shot you before you can even ADS? Yeah it’s kinda hard to do your part when the bot stops, prones, crouches, prones again and stands upright in quick succession.

I love this game but god damn are there some immersion breaking variables that ruin the immersive experience I want to have.