Wheres the fun?

So, Ive been playing a lot, and I really just aint having fun as I used to. All the automated stuff.... matchmaking, no votekick for toxic players, players dont play objective and if you mention it you are an idiot and a nigger and a faggot and what not.
Clearly this has become a game for the masses. I cant play more than 1 game before I get frustrated and start browsing for better games. Game still have a lot of issues, which I can live with as I know they get corrected in time. All in all, Im just not having fun anymore. And from the groups Im in, I can say that Im far from the only one. I feel like Ins source is for hardcore gamers, and Sandstorm is for kids and other mainstream gamers browsing between 4 different games and never get into just one and get good at it. Think its a shame it came to this.

Guess that´s not game´s fault.
Maybe it´s because marketing was aiming to a different group than we were used to in Insurgency (source one) or it just needs a time to get rid of those kids (they will surely find another game soon). I am personally having as fun as I used to (but with another feeling though - but it might be caused of it´s new graphics).
Don´t give up and keep playing mate!


I completely agree with you. The toxic language and behavior is out of control, and is ruining the game.

I don't enjoy the pussy of my girlfriend anymore. Why?

I think one big problem with insurgency is having game with bots. During the beta all modes were showing own player counters and coop / pvp were 50/50. Which means from 5k players 2.5k are playing with bots.

I play a lot and I don't think the situation is as dire as you make it out to be. I get a toxic person every so often and I simply hit tab and block his mic. Problem solved. Most of those people crave attention, so don't give it.

Sure some people are toxic, but others that cry allah akkbah into the mic are just having fun.
If someone starts going to far I just stirr them back.
Roll with the punches, water off a ducks back... all those things.
Otherwise your dooming yourself to become a grumpy old man.

I remember one game of firefight we were stomping the other team, after each round we would all say “EZ” on the last round of the match we did it again for the 3rd time in a row, someone from the losing side shouted “shut-up you bunch of wankers” we all laughed and then another dude from the losing side started playing the communist anthem.
Lol good times.

@ReeceAUS and @MLB7 - Im not talking about people who are having fun and adding to it, or being loud or raucous occasionally. I'm talking of people who specifically use the platform to repeatedly project explicit racist, misogynistic, and hateful language. There is a line between fun, offensive to some, and completely unacceptable. I don't encounter it every game, but I wont tolerate people who abuse this platform to spew this vile nonsense.

Also, for me muting does not work, as in, literally the feature is not working.

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@aslan14 I haven’t found anyone that bad yet, but I would recommend trying community servers that have admins.
If you are not alone and majority of the people on the server are also offended by someone’s behavior. Then maybe there are grounds for grief reporting?

In my time playing I’ve run into 1 guy who was super salty/toxic in a comp game. Most are good people.

Not the game’s fault. It just means the game is so good everyone plays it.
Find friends in random ranked match. Climb the ladder together!

I must say that toxic players I can handle. WHat is my head concern is the fact that we cant kick and we cant vote for maps and all the random new teammates. I had a great game today with pretty cool players who also used the mic. Long nice game.... next game is totally silent and full of players not even remotely interested in playing the objective. And so I exit agian because the fun is interrupted by matchmaking system. And browsing servers aint a thing yet as all have insanely high ping. I do enjoy comp gaming, but I like to also just play casually but with the intention of teamplay and focusing on objective. I have 1400+ hours in source and 460 in Sandstorm, so as an experienced fps gamer, those are my beefs 🙂

@aslan14 I 100% agree they need to fix the mute function ASAP. I tried to use it and it unblocks the person in a couple minutes for no reason. I think it should be a priority to give players the ability to block anyone they don't want to listen to.

I usually find mute does work but I also notify the entire team of the troll and put the troll down. Since I muted the troll, I dont get upset by what retort they may have. I periodically unmute them to see if the troll toned it down. If they didn't, then I will rag the shit out of them during the whole mission each time they get killed, fail to protect a teammate, or general movements to make it uncomfortable for them to be on. With the other players to do care about keeping the mission fun and a pleasant environment, I keep the banter and roll.

It is sad that some people do come to these types of games to simply rant and spew their anger and it does get tiresome. I dont want to have to mute a player as their intel may actually be useful at times and keep ME alive. Until then, the easiest way I've found to tone them down was to berate them (never yelling) at how much they suck and are a failure. I've had many rage quit from the mission and the rest of the players all end up relaxing and we joke and win together.

The devs are out of touch with the community.

it seems like the devs wanted to ruin the game by allowing the toxic players to run free with no kick system and a shitty teamkill punish system that doesnt punish the teamkillers yet it punishes you for trying to get revenge.
the matchmaking is aids, yes please put me in a game that is 99% finished, please put me back into the same fucking game i just left 4 TIMES IN A ROW!

insurgency is a far better game than sandstorm imo, atleast i can votekick the griefers and the racists who use ear rape via microphone/speaker spam that is disgusting and incredibly offensive.

not to mention the fact that the general majority of sandstorm players ive played with are clueless idiots who would rather sit in spawn masturbating or they teamkill you cus you picked a class they wanted or because they're pieces of shit, or they sit a mile away from the objective and look into a empty room/corridoor thinking they are being useful, or you try to use your mic to guide/advise players or you try and talk to get a sense of teamwork and you get called a "fucking faggot who needs to go kill themself"

heaven forbid you find a custom server you like and want to customise your characters for, nope you gotta play the shitty matchmaking aids to get levels.

It's like the devs want the game to be dead within a few weeks with the toxicity they are actively promoting, i've uninstalled the game because it's just gone down hill since the start of december, less and less decent players and more toxic assholes plus no new content like old maps revisited.

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toxicity, well that will never be able to get rid of
the stupidity in the game is normal for now since the community has grown really quickly with sandstorm's release. It is annoying when people don't play the objective or have no idea what they are doing but they will learn eventually. we can't tell the new players to just leave the game because they don't know what they are doing, everyone has to start from somewhere. as for matchmaking yes, we do need something that can match lower skilled players to lower skilled players but thats hard right now since the game has only been out for 2 weeks. since the game had a full wipe on launch, most of the people who came from source or were here since the beta already dominate over the new players to the game. nwi right now is trying to get rid of the bugs right now and making sure the servers aren't going to crash. if you really want any sort of teamwork, play competitive firefight. Most people there don't fuck around and they will cooperate if you also know what your doing. also if your going to say the devs suck now cause the community is toxic and bad, your not helping in any way. nwi needs to add a vote kick system or any way to punish morons who ruin the game. don't even try to get revenge on them since most of the time, they will die to the team reflect and your death will still count to the amount of team kills they can do before they get kicked. The game right now isn't the best but saying the devs suck and that they just want the game to be dead is probably the worst thing you can tell the devs. its almost just as bad as the toxic idiots. nwi isn't out of touch but just that their game is growing and changing it to everyone's needs is going to be hard now. they are totally promoting toxicity, not helping the community are a complete piece of shit and are totally the only dev team that does this and has to deal with this issue.

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Insurgency 2014 is alive and with a lot of skilled players - I am only doing push and skirmish 32 players. Noobs will always be around, this is normal and will never change, but its a lot less of them in Insurgency 2014 now, good times. Having great fun with it still. Toxicity was always in Insurgency 2014 as well, I just mute them (who cares if they are in the game when you cant hear them? That makes no sense -These types of games will never be suitable for the faint-hearted unless they add a mute all button by default which would defeat the purpose of cooperation for some players). Toxic players will always be around. Nothing any game company can police - Its way too many - At least in pvp. Mute bug will most likely be resolved in time - Without a mute button both Insurgency games would be unplayable - Not only the toxic players, but also friendly players who use the mic too much so you cant hear enemy movement.

It is still very early with Sandstorm, it needs time, if game proves to be good in its mechanics - which it is in my book, good players remain for a long time. When server choice will be added that will solve the random server swapping. They made the last Insurgency and are hopefully trying to use what worked from that game. Without votekick, make team take turns killing the troll, and if they are incapable, tough luck in current version. I also don't like the design choice of no votekick function, but in RS2V it works great without votekick, it probably needs refinement/tuning, and the votekick was definitly abused from time to time. Much to learn from RS2V - Devs should play it. (forgive tk or not function, very handy, extended down time after next death when not forgiven, destroys the trolls motivation for tk while making it possible to forgive the newbies/unlucky tk's).

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Here we go:

  1. Yes this game is designed for the masses. That’s the point of being published by Focus Home. Yeah they have a bigger budget and team, that also means having more sales and making the game more beginner-casual friendly without changing the overall gameplay.

  2. Noobs/scrubs/etc. are in every game. Insurgency is not an easy game to pick up. It took me 50 hours in Insurgency:Source to be somewhat competent. With the amount of sales they want/need to get, there’s gonna be a lot more.

  3. It’s gonna take a while for a lot players to become more competent. Best to be patient. It sucks I know but for many this is their first time and they’re treating it like an arcade shooter or like a slow-paced shooter. It’s gonna take a while for them to realize it’s both depending on the situation.

I’ve ran into a few competent players who use mic and it was really fun. I know though this won’t always be the case, even in Insurgency Source.

Hang in there buddy! Back-up will be here shortly! Until then hold the line!