Exp, level up oddities?

I believe i've noticed the following behavior a few times already, and today it happened again:

  • had less than 2000 xp left to the next level
  • lost game next game (coop)
  • finish screen shows around 2500 xp earned, but still shows old level and a couple of xp left to reach next level
  • after another game the finish screen suddenly shows that i've already reached the new level and counts on from there
    -> no reward for that level given

Has anyone else noticed this? I can't be 100% sure about this since i didn't document it properly, but i'm almost certain there is a bug in there somewhere.

Here's a screenshot to illustrate the issue:


The scores and the length of that bar don't add up at all.

I've counted the amount of pixels of both the old and new exp bars and they're almost identical (as is visible anyway). So if i've earned around 7.5k points i should now be at around 15k, yet according to the bar and the overall exp that is shown there i've earned only around 5.5k.

Anyone else noticed this?

Another example that something fishy is going on. Take a look at the size of the different bars, the xp earned in the game and the xp earned on this level.


One more, happened just now.