(PC) Automatic Gearbox Downshift Bug

The issue is with gearbox in automatic mode.

What's happening?
When the gear selected by automatic gearbox is too high and needs a downshift, it gets downshifted to the first gear, not to a gear that would be fitting for the load & speed.

What should happen?
When the automatic gearbox needs to downshift, it should select an appropriate gear.

This has been known for a while and the community asked for it previously. Hopefully if we keep the pressure it will be fixed for Mudrunner (aka we shouldn't have to wait for Mudrunner2 to get a working automatic transmission since it's part of the core gameplay).

If finding a correct algorithm to always downshift to the right gear would be difficult then I would propose a simpler one : when a downshift is to occur simply downshift two gears, except for when we're in second gear in which case it should downshift to 1.


  • gear 1 -> no downshift;
  • gear 2 -> downshift to 1;
  • gear 3 -> downshift to 1;
  • gear 4 -> downshift to 2;
  • gear 5 -> downshift to 3;

Provided that the gear ratios are properly spaced and that a right downshifting point can be found then this should work rather well. It should also work well for modded vehicles with more than 5 gears with maybe the modification that starting with gear 5 the downshift should cover three gears.

Like so:

  • gear 6 -> downshift to 3;
  • gear 7 -> downshift to 4;
  • gear 8 -> downshift to 5;
  • gear n -> downshift to gear (n - 3).
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