"playerId": "Steam ID",
"banTime": 1545915392,
"duration": -1,
"banReason": "Reason",
"adminId": "76561198326550440"

duration: 1440 = 1 day
duration: -1 = Perm

put the }, on the bottom if you wanna add more under it, if not dont use the }, but just }
Be sure to restart your server after you add a ban,
this way i add bans when a player i wanna ban quickly leaves so i could not ban him fast enough.

Picture of how it should look like,
Use steam io to get there steam ID's https://steamid.io/

Located at: Insurgency/config/server/ban.json
If its not there i think you can just create one with c++ or sublime

little help from Robomikel thanks

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