2200 points but I cant buy anything?

According to the customize page I have 2200 V-Bucks ready to spend. But appon attempting to purchase "Combat Pants" and any other item I get a box with a 0 in it appear behind the purcahse button. And I dont get any Vbucks reducted and I dont get the item. Focus Please Fox

Hi @JoshiBig,
Do you happen to have a screenshot regarding this issue, please?

Did you earn all that from in games? i've come across issues where it adds to your vbucks total until you reopen the game and its all lost/reset.
I just recently (should have) earned a couple hundred from leveling up, but its still at 200. even after reopening my game.

@chaton No sorry the issue seems to have fixed. It was like it for a few days where it said i had 2200 credits. But after launching today Im back down to 100 although I didnt get any of the items i tried to buy. Not too sure waht going on.

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