1stly, thank you for bringing this out, I had the previous insurgency but never played it much as friends were not big into it, this how ever has a few hooked. Racked up 2 days play time since release. Game is phenomenal.

Ok so things that need fixing and adding specifically. (may have been mentioned before I have not been on here prior)

Team balance is pretty awful, quite often it ends up 7 vs 14 as people leave, now if a punishment system could be added (later on as it's still a little buggy) say if some one leaves 2 or 3 games in a week they start to encounter a delayed joining punishment kinda of like csgo.

Joining your friends, for some reason despite it giving you the option in steam, you cannot join a game currently in progress, which means, if a friend comes online even in the 1st round, we have to drop back to lobby to start a fresh game rather than make them wait.

The Security weapons, specifically the m4 vs something like the Alpha AK seem to be far better.

The colour schemes for insurgents are rather poor, No green or Sand outfits, and no black outfits for the security team.
Why can we not change the colour of the vest rig?
Also it would be ncie to be able to select your clothing at the same time as selecting your class, It's rare I get to wear my green outfit as security because most maps are sandy.

Vote kick needs to be implemented, so many little rat bags on mic as well as people tking knowing there is practically no punishment, the voice chat mute option seems to reset every time you die or more often.

Feels like push mode needs 10 waves to start for attackers with less extra waves as the game goes on, Maybe 4 or 3 per extra cap.

The nade and weapon pick ups need work, takes for ever to pick up a smok/nade etc on the floor and half the time you get shot trying to mess about picking it up.

Seems like smoke is easier to see through on lower settings which is a bit of a disadvantage for those on high end pc's.

Which pc system should I buy from Nasa in order to run the last video option that saves textures? a 1080ti won't touch it.

Could the vehicle potentially have a small hole to see through rather than a gap as shooting people out is way too easy.

Hit reg seems to be a bit off sometimes, and I can pretty much always guarantee when I have been shot by some one with twice my ping as it always happens to be that I see and shoot them first but end up dead, before I look I already know they had double my ping... My KPD is around 2.5 with over 3k kills, so it's not like im a bad player, just finding it rather irritating being shot because of some ones high ping advantage which should be a disadvantage.

Getting shot by some one faces away from you is rather annoying, as in, I come upto some one, there gun is sideways and pointed at the floor, then all of a sudden hes shot me.

That's all the bugs, fixes I can think of for right now,

I cannot wait for night mode, flash lights that are hopefully very bright and ruin any ones night vision, would be nice to have nvir laser sights as well as rapid flash mode on the flash lights, BF3 did flash lights very very well, as an airsofter, A bright rapid flashing light can be a real problem for opposition in night games.

Even bigger maps would be great with snipe spots etc, some snow and snow camo.

Would love some better voice acting with more & seperate accents for both teams, I don't see why some one on security is shouting similar things to those on insurgents.

Some stutter issue's need addressing, running a constant 90 fps, but still have stutter?

Overall, super impressed with the game, not stopped playing it, Cannot wait for additional content, certainly an 8 out of 10 atm with easy potential for a 10/10.