Graphics Settings

So although I do feel the optimization has gotten better I do feel it still needs work and I assume I am not alone. Basically I can’t help but notice that pretty much every match I play I tweak at least one setting one way or another. It’s staring to get on my nerves but I just can’t seem to find a happy medium and I am not saying that I don’t get good frames because I can get some pretty decent frames but essentially what I am after is the highest amount of frames from my hardware while still looking relatively sharp. As it stands Nvidia wants to put all settings as high as they can possibly go and it looks quite good but I will then run anywhere from 60-100 fps which isn’t game breaking but I prefer more than that not to mention my monitor is 1ms 144htz. So usually my next step is to click the in game “AUTO” graphics preset which will turn just a few things down maybe from “very high” to “high” and turn down the “super sampling” from “2x” which really doesn’t even happen effect my fps. I will then take “A.A” off of “TAA” (I think it’s called?) which will usually up my fps a touch but it’s still not where I feel it should be. I always seem to find that objects at a distance are quite blurry usually as well not to sure why.. One thing I find myself doing pretty often is putting the preset on medium and then turning super sampling to 1.25x I think it is and I will get some better fps sometimes but still large dips. If I go full potato mode everything as low as I can I think I average probably 140 fps? Which once again I still feel even then should be higher as it then looks quite ugly although not unplayable. But if anyone is willing to maybe give me a few options to try I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe if someone is happy with their setup and has a rig somewhere similar to mine and can maybe post a shot of their currents settings so I can try I would be very grateful! Just a side note I would not for a second say that I am very good with PC’s or very technical things so please keep that in mind lol. My specs [i-7 8700K Coffee Lake/MSI AERO GTX1080/16Gig DDR4 Hyper FurryX Ram/1TB SSD/Windows 10]. Either way just thought I would give this a try. As always Game On!

I prefer the "start Low" tactic, so use the Low preset, set textures to medium (at low you get nasty reloading all the time) and shadows to medium or high (shouldn't impact your gpu that much), and then go from there, increasing settings now and then as you're already doing right now. The "effects" settings might have the biggest impact since it's also linked to some not-so-noticable but demanding details. Also, the blurry look comes from TAA -> try SMAA instead (2x should be fine without using super sampling).

Texture streaming seems to be a controversial setting, i'd suggest to use Low first and try high without changing anything else to see how it impacts your performance. For some it appears to fix some stutters, for me Low runs better. If possible use some monitoring tool like MSI afterburner to monitor how changed settings affect your CPU usage since most often this is the cause of stutters in Sandstorm.

I have an i5 8600k OC'd 4.3 Ghz on all cores , EVGA 1080 FTW and 16GB Gskillz TridentZ 3200Mhz with a 1080p 144Hz monitor.

It's close to what you have. There is NO way I can play this game on high settings let alone Ultra settings (very high) and get near 144fps. Your FPS will depend on what map your playing and where you are in the map. My settings are below...

  • Textures: High

  • Post-Processing: Medium

  • Everything else: Low

  • AA: FXAA

  • Supersampling resolution: x1.25 ( to make up for the low AA plus it makes the game look nicer. If you want to gain an extra 10fps, keep this setting turned off.)

  • Shadow resolution: both 512 x 512

  • Anisotropic Filtering: 8x

I'm sure i missed a few things but that's basically how I set my graphics for a high refresh rate monitor. The game still looks good at those settings too.Let me know how it goes.

I truly HOPE they can optimize this game better because it's so much fun...It would be a shame if they didnt 😞

@redkap Couldn’t agree more my friend!