Issues with the bots

Okay the issue with the AI has been mentioned multiple times and unfortunately I don't really see any progress with it. Currently it's borderline unplayable what they do and very far from realism.

So the issues are:

  • Impeccable aiming: 80% of the time they give headshots and precision molotov / grenade strikes.
    This is even worse, when 1 player stands behind the other. Their headshot aiming gets triggered even faster. Like their aiming is based on statistical number near players. Meaning if 2 players stand near each other your chance of being hit is increased dramatically.

  • Insane field of vision for the bots making them see you even if you're behind them. I was at a crouching position about 50 meters from the bot, where the bot was shooting at a player without me making a noise or open fire. After killing the player with a headshot ofcourse, the bot immediately turned to me opening fire and in 5 shots I've received my expected headshot.

  • Bots see through the smoke sometimes

  • Aiming animations sometimes are off. Sometimes you can see them shooting at you with lowered weapon. Sometimes the animation stops all together.

  • Some of them warp up and down very fast (possibly connection related issues, but still I'll list it) - this is quite rare

  • Sometimes the exact opposite of having good aim. They can't hit a player from literally 1 meter with a full auto AR standing behind them. I'm not exaggerating.

The ones listed in bold are game breakers and need to be addressed immediately. I've stopped playing multiple times after getting hit in the head constantly. This is not challenging, this is irritating.
The 2 players standing behind each other having a higher chance of getting a headshot is a very well known bug of the old Insurgency game as well. Same goes for the headshot bug, but thankfully that was addressed.
Please do not think I want you to remove headshots, because I don't, I just want you guys to fix this aiming issue. Headshots are insanely rare, because someone's head is a lot smaller target, than the torso + arms + legs combined.

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Updated the first post with bots being able to see through smoke, also to emphasize how much the bots are overpowered is that I got 2 players next to me, 1 on the left, 1 on the right, while I was heading for the resupply cache behind a cover. I see both players go down almost exactly the same time with headshots. I investigate and find there's one single bot in the distance shooting full auto.
Also people if you don't show this thread some recognition this won't be fixed, so please write down your experience with the bots. Or create new threads about those issues, I don't care, but this needs to be fixed.