Can't wait to play again!

I just wanted to share that I am dying to play more bfga2 , the first beta came at a time when I had little time to play and the first edition of the game does not really cut it for me anymore after tasting the much improved game play of the second 😃

Do we have any solid dates on the pre-order beta 2? Looking forward to many space battles 😎

Same here! I really enjoyed playing the first beta and now I've got this unscatchable itch for a nice space tactics game. I don't want to let the balance/tech issues become more than just minor "meh" 's to me; this is a 40k space battles game, and I need it now! 😃

So you cant play at all now not even against AI?

Nope, game won't launch for me.

Thanks. No point buying yet then.

That's right, you can wait.

Rumors have it the next phase of the beta will start next Thursday..... I am hoping we get an official announcement soon.

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@adm_janus i really hope your wrong about that.... not enough time to fix the problems in the previous beta imo.

@imptastic I was pretty happy ... Sure we need more balancing but that always require time.
What kind of issues did you have with the game?

@adm_janus hmm its a big list. Lets see... boarding is broken, necrons feel like garbage as a whole not just the starbursts nonsense, way to much micro/macro burden, general costs of vessels are too low causing way to many ships to manage, Take and hold is horrible in every way but predominately in the random generated locations of said hold locations, Nids are almost unplayable with the scuttle damage as high and as readily available as it is, and the general unease i have about how much all these MP "balancing" decisions are going to wreak SP i mean SP already lost a mountain of customization upon the alter of MP "balance."

@imptastic Hehe it is a big list indeed.... but most of the points can be adjusted by tweaking the numbers to increase or reduce effectiveness of a certain ship or ability.

The format of the game feels fine to me, I like the take and hold mechanic as a counter to infinite kiting and the size of the fleet feels about right. Some factions can field more ships than others so if the game feels too micro intensive when you field a lot of ships you can try one of the more compact factions. There is already quite a bit of criticism that the battles are not big enough so reducing them further seems not an option.

We know we are going to get cosmetic upgrades and other stuff to personalize our fleets, we don't know the details but I don't think this will be a multiplayer only feature so I expect to receive them through SP as well. The reduction in overall toggable and active skills is welcome by me as it allows greater focus on maneuvering my fleet. UI and controls have improved too so overall I am not worried even if the game has plenty of room for polishing.

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@adm_janus general costs of vessels are too low causing way to many ships to manage

Wait a second. The whole last game basically everyone has complained about the game being too small in scale. Now they give you a vastly improved UI to control your finally bigger fleet and there are still complaints, now about the game being too big? xD

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@Adm_Janus, UI and controls have improved? I suppose уou made a few mistakes in word "disimproved".
alt text

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@Adm_Janus, UI and controls have improved? I suppose уou made a few mistakes in word "disimproved".
alt text

There seems to be a problem with the UI if you spam escorts. If you didn't do that, the UI was actually massively better than in the first game. I hope they fix this, but basically everything else is definitely already better.

@imptastic Surely they can keep tweaking while we play beta 2. I would expect constant updates as it is still pre-release. And we all know post release as well.

@hjalfnar_hgv while the kiting issue from the first was a big issue the not having to hold positions made more compact fleets alot more viable with take and hold it now becomes necessary to bring a great number of ships just to stay competitive. Regardless of better UI taking away auto cast and the like also increases the burden of said micro game play all in all its about the same for an idividual ship as the old game, except now your expected to manage the micro over a more vastly expanded area and without the tac cog.

@adm_janus when they already threw out lore to improve balance the argument for punishing someone for playing the faction they want becomes substantially weaker, but even if you hold to that argument with take and hold everyone must field atleast so many escorts simply to play the harass game, While dealing with kiting was an issue you have just traded one cheese for another. Also cosmitic upgrades are irrelevant to what i was saying at all while for pvp the first certainly had meta builds the pve side was able to have many different fun builds due to the customization from the first that is all gone now for the sake of the MP game. Currently their is no progression for 7 of the races making them more or less irrelevant to the SP only crowd, this is of course assuming they dont have a sandbox campaign.

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@adm_janus as i assumed 7 of the factions are irrelevant to SP hooray!

@imptastic said in Can't wait to play again!:

@adm_janus as i assumed 7 of the factions are irrelevant to SP hooray!

Seems you are the glass half empty kinda guy ;/

@imptastic said in Can't wait to play again!:

@adm_janus as i assumed 7 of the factions are irrelevant to SP hooray!

best buy the game then
because if they can they will make more campaigns
but they need money for that