[Bug report + Suggestions]

Let's start with something obvious:

It would be better to create two megathreads for / in this forum, instead of having hundreds of single threads lying around. One for the bug report, and the other one for suggestions / improvements. Anyway, let's start.

Bug reports:

  • At the start of each game, my character doesn't have his weapons in his hands, or the hands in general are not showing up, doesn't matter how long I wait. Pressing ESC twice fixes that.
  • I don't know if it's a bug or on purpose in the game, but when an enemy kicks down a door and you're standing near that while breaching, it'll kill you. That definitely shouldn't be a thing imo. The door is not coming at you at 120 km/h.
  • The currency in-game once was telling me I had 2,000 credits, which wasn't the case. I had to restart the game a few times, until it recognized that. I tried buying something to fix that, but it wasn't working, and was always showing a blank square with a 0 on it while trying to buy it.
  • While customizing the weapons in-game, my screen goes black and I've to back out and redo my steps.
  • When searching ranked with 2 or more people, the searching time is completely random like: 22:11, 18:12 etc.. instead of real time when searching alone. Even when we've found a game, it stayed like that.
  • When we're searching games and just finished a game, the players were the same in the loading screen, even if it wasn't the case. And that repeated itself for every game we searched for. It can be fixed by restarting the game tho.
  • The profile pictures in the pre-game screen are just black, and that's the case for every game.
  • Even if a lot of players stated that already, but I just experienced the "Mic not working in-game" problem as well, even if it's clearly working.


  • You should be able to turn your character and weapon while customizing.
  • A report button in-game like CS:GO, BO4 etc.. has it.
  • A bug report form in-game, where it would be easy to access, like in the main menu.
  • Instead of showing the ammunition as a graphic, you should switch to showing numbers, or at least include an option to switch between those two.
  • The windows in / from buildings shouldn't be able to hold more than 1 shot to break.
  • You should be able to jump through "closed / healthy" windows as well.
  • This is optional, but it would be good to have a graphic while playing the different modes, which shows you how many people from your team are still alive, so you don't have to TAB while playing. You can look around, sure, but it would be more comfortable in my opinion.
  • You should think about adding daily goals / objectives, so you can earn money from different sources.
  • It would be better in my opinion, to have something like a overview for the ranking system like in Rainbow Six Siege. Or something similar at least.

That's up to the moderation team, but I really hope that this forum get's taken seriously, and some treatment.


PS: Your game is still really great and fun, I'm just trying to help of course.

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Hey there, i totaly agree about the megathread, so im gonna continue there,
So first of all, and as said Venomrin im in love with that game, but we can improve lots of stuff 😃

"While customizing the weapons in-game, my screen goes black and I've to back out and redo my steps."

-That's because you're specating a mate that just been killed i think

For me the most anoying bug is that on start of most of game my hands disapearing, and strangely it's mostly when im playing with the G36, the SCAR (MK20 i think..)

I noticed another boring stuff, it's probably only about me or few players, as im playing with arrow (....) im binding numbad for reaload (1 is for reaload, 0 is for duck) and actually, while im sprinting (right shift) and trying to reload it's switching my firemodes, and if i try to slide while sprinting (right shit-sprint +0-duck) it's just not working, im used to those kind of issue, but as i love insurgency i would be glad if you could do something about it, or if anyone have advice for it 🙂

Thanks for this awesome game, you realy did an amazing job sinnce the previous one, and sorry for my English, im not a native speaker.

I've added some more stuff to my original post, and hope you guys are on it. Would be sad to see that you don't care to patch something.


I think night maps and nvg would be awesome in this game like 2014 Insurgency.

1_1546564142866_20190103145844_1.jpg 0_1546564142866_20190103145842_1.jpg

In this location on summit you can get stuck and there is no way to get out

Here are a few suggestions I have for the future development of this game:

  • Scope magnifier toggle(the one with the 2x rds and 2x holo sights). It would be awesome to be able to flip the magnifier over so you aren't always in 2x zoom.

  • An animation for the ammo resupply. I think it would add a lot of realism to have an actual animation for that instead of just lowering your arms out of sight.

  • Speech or the removal of a mag when you check its fullness. It kinda sucks when you have the HUD off and you can't check how much ammo you have. I think it would be cool to have the character look into the top of the mag and see the bullets inside and also have them say "half left" or something, but quietly. Some of the voice que's are kind of a pain, like when the rest of your team has died and your character stupidly screams "COME GET ME IM NOT AFRAID"

I really like the game and look forward to seeing what changes are done in the future

@venomrin said in [Bug report + Suggestions]:

  • Instead of showing the ammunition as a graphic, you should switch to showing numbers, or at least include an option to switch between those two."

I agree with the option part. I really like having the graphic for it and not numbers like every other game. I really like the way it's set up but think numbers should be a toggle-able option


PLEASE add a humvee or a vehicle like that for security. I don't really like how there is only one technical vehicle available for use. Thanks.


Having a minimalistic hud is core to gameplay in my opinion and should not be modified with more info on screen - It is already more than enough. Tab to see teammates alive is quickly done and needing to make an effort either by communication or tabbing while hidden is a feature that I hope stays.