Bolt action rifles have atrocious bolting and reloading speeds.

Title says it all. M24 has a decent bolting speed but the Mosin by far the worst bolting speed i've ever experienced in any game even with the greased bolt upgrade which seems to marginally improve things.

Reloading bolt action rifles shouldn't require you to grab a single round, one at a time, out of your pocket/pouch individually, and extremely casually/slowly to depress into the chamber. At least have a sense of urgency when reloading rounds in a handful or match the speed of loading a shell into a shotgun.

I think both M24 and Mosin need faster bolting and reloading speeds to make them more realistic and also better balanced. My brother owns a Mosin (Finnish M/39 version) and the first thing he complained in the game is how slow the speeds are. I agree as even I can shoot faster with it in real life.

Agreed, I can work most bolts a good deal faster, even though Mosin bolts suck.

The "greased bolt" upgrade should just go away too. It makes no sense.

Loading one round at a time from your pool is pretty bad. If there was a method for handful-reloading (handful of three/four rounds, any more and you gotta dip your hand into that pocket to fetch some more) that would be miles better.

As for greased bolt, if the animations were tweaked between greased and nil, it might provide a better benefit, but i don't know. one supply point means a lot, and it shouldn't become a necessary attachment for a gun that performs rather poorly in comparison to most other weapons.