UltraHD Texture Mod

hello ๐Ÿ™‚
i released version 1.2 and almost ver 1.3 but i wasn't pleased with some of the textures.
so this is going to be ver 1.4
just need to work and maybe remake some of the plants textures..
because they sometimes share the same texture on different plants, it took some time to make them look good in most of them.

Spintires MudRunner UltraHD texture Mod

0_1545768568380_MudRunner 2018-12-25 21-44-09.jpg

0_1545768685629_MudRunner 2018-12-25 21-46-04.jpg
0_1545768700084_MudRunner 2018-12-25 22-04-34.jpg

This looks amazing. Where can I find the download link?

@naor-levi love it! how much FPS do you have? i can only get 15/20fps. at lowest settings. so i base my reply on your video posted on YT. again great work.._Rufus

Iโ€™ve never seen anything like this. Thanks for sharing.

Already found your mod on internet.
I am not a big friend of "graphic-must-be-awesome" thing, but in this case I have to admit, that your pictures look great.
Can't wait for final version ๐Ÿ™‚

This post is deleted!

@naor-levi I think some things in the ose screenshots look super good., but that ground texture looks really fake. like you made 2d into 3d, which looks ultra cheesy.

@sodoma welcome back where you been? I agree.

@roughrider hi, my in game visuals sux,_ but based on the screenshots and video. i'm not sure i understand the ground tex comment. i poured over the shots and I don't see anything that looks out of place.?. could you point out what to look for?
_ maybe as one that only gets 8 fps in game, anything looks better than the cartoony looking crap i'm stuck with.._Rufus

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I've been using this excellent texture pack since it first popped up on mrmods and would recommend it to anyone. The only bits I don't bother with are the plants and grass; they look awesome but they make the game's terrible draw distance much harder to ignore! Thanks @Naor-Levi

Dude this is so awesome! found it on mudrunnermods.com

sorry i forgot the link
here is the mod

I'm with i5 3570K and 1070GTX running it on 60FPS
maybe i can make a 2K version.
about the ground, i try to add highmaps but didn't manage to add it to all terrines
Mostly for overlays.
also, It is possible to set the draw distance?

still working on it ๐Ÿ™‚
thank you


At first i have to say this mod is awesome!
So much eye candy

Since the update of American Wilds on the 27th i got some overlay problems on the American Wilds maps. Some textures now are just white.

I dont know if this is just a problem on my side or they changed something there.

@alpscruiser me too. every time they update, pow! it screws something up mostly the MRMod

Damn! So letยดs wait until @Naor-Levi will update the texture mod.

After spending a while looking . reinstalling old versions of the mod and everything in between. this last posting of the STMod. is quite different. praying that it will be updated..

I was not talking about the update of ST-Mod. I was talking about the official update of the American Wilds DLC.
ST-Mod ist working fine for me. Only on the American Wilds maps some of the textures are white.

do you know this problem?

@alpscruiser__ sorry that was a response for the MRMod thread, not sure how/why i put it here.. _Rufus

I didn't see any change, maybe because my personal mod is different

i suggest that you Return the original and check for changes
If it return to normal, try copying again the mod. But open the files with 7ZIP

i only work with 7ZIP otherwise the files became corrupted and i see this white textures

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okay i will try to load the latest file and test it again.

P.S. i also work with 7zip