spore explosion hive ship?

Youtube Video

at 9:19 the hive ship is reduced to 0 crew making it do the spore explosion skill
dying instantly from almost full hp
at the end of the match something similar happens to a mutinying devourer, assault boats land and it spore explodes to death

Is that what happens? I also thought that the mother ship explosion was very strange. Gone from full hp...

cant think of another explanation
he isnt really shooting it with weapons that can do it, and there isnt anything that should do the spore cloud
i can be wrong, but then i dont know what happened to the hive ship

Huh. you could be right. I assumed at the time that the tyranid player was just REALLY fast on the scuttle button, but if there was latence preventing the ork player from seeing the scuttle indicator, , wouldn't there be latency registering the ship's death?

Yeah, dunno. In order to really think something is wrong, we would have to see it from the other player's perspective. As is, it could just be a REALLY fast scuttle, but I don't know that I am at all confident with that assessment.

that could be it i guess, took me a while to really consider scuttling, it is really fast for a scuttle
also never scuttled a nid ship
but that makes me wonder why someone would scuttle their full health admiral ship as nids
there is plenty to refill nearby and its the heart of his fleet, its what prevents his fleet from falling apart
its possible but its also very weird
it reminded me of a few escorts that without my input decided to spore explode themselves so thought it wise to report anyway

at 7:30 one of his escorts is either killed or hulked resulting it doing the spore explosion
looks like hulked as it goes from full hp to dead in the side bar
and he definitely didnt press the spore explosion button

pretty sure there is some problem with nid ships autoexploding when hulked

ps sorry for making you watch this, its atrocious 😑 he came close to losing vs ai marines ...