Cant seem to rank up

I really enjoy the game so far with competetive beeing my favorite game mode atm.
After my 10 placement matches i got ranked silver 1 and won 6 games in a row after with decent or good score.
But it for some reason i cant seem to get to gold. That said when i loose games i instantly get downranked to silver 2.
And it just takes 1 win again to rank to silver 1.
I would really like to see improvements like a better overview on the ranking and matchmaking.

Agreed, same here! But for me i never ranked up/down, and got my rank before the addition of numbers (silver 3, gold 1 etc) i was just "Silver" maybe that has to do with it? I played at least 20 matches but never went up or down, and have some winning and losing sprees

Well i logged in today and my rank says gold 1. So it seems like the display of your rank doesnt get updated imeadietly.
Problem happened to a friend as well. He logged in today and had a different rank than yesterday when he stopped playing.