Friendly Fire

I think you need to make friendly fire more severe. Perhaps 2x as much damage to the offender as opposed to equal?

I had an incident in a recent Coop match, where I shot a team member by accident, he didn't die.
The then killed me purposefully, then with some sort of childish vengeance, proceded to hunt me down for the rest of the game.

Im not going to quit the game, but i spend 2/3 of the game running away from some mentally deranged child.

As a result, I would either request a change to friendly fire, or some way of reporting morons.


They should make damage be reflected completely and not mirrored after the first TK so that the next person the attacker tries to kill will only kill himself and not another player.

I guess I won't play Commander anymore... God forbid some ass hat ignores my call of a bombing run and dies. Your situation is SO rare that I don't think the game should be changed based on it.