Ranked needs some reworking!

So far, this is my absolute favorite game that I have ever played. A huge improvement from the original game and I am beyond excited about the future. The following are just my recommendations for the game.

  1. The price point system for the weapons in ranked needs more thought.

Why is the cheapest weapon on security the MK17? (4 points) And just a standard issue block M4 is 7 points? Please make all the basic weapons cheaper in points. We want to use the cool weapon attachments but are really limited right now because of the base cost of weapons.

Why do Insurgents get a free pistol for 0 points and Security doesn't?

Maybe get rid of the point system completely and change it to a dollar system. We dont get to see much variety of weapons in ranked because the point system is crazy and not well thought out.

  1. Shotguns need a significant nerf at range.

Dont need to say much about this but shotguns are not in a good place right now.

  1. Restricted areas in ranked need to be changed.

I get that we dont want spawn camping to be a possibility but some of the "restricted areas" make it impossible to flank certain objectives.


So lame to play for 20 minutes and it be a tie 4-4.

  1. Continue to add customization (weapons and clothes) and fix the cosmetic bugs that plague the game.

In terms of weapons I would love to see a glock pistol, a MP5, 416, Famas, M110 (SPR), and a MPX put into the game eventually.

In terms of customization it would be cool to see a modern forward grip, the ability to change your backpack, plate carrier, and knife choice. Security just needs more options overall.

I like your feedback. But the supply point system is in a good spot. Competative is designed and meant to limit players from having every attachment in the game.

The experience really is about choices and how you maximise your class to suit your play style. Some people run carrier and armour, I do not what so ever to have options around nades and pistols.

If everyone got to run around with 2x scopes, heavy armour and 2 nades with a m4a1, I wouldn't call that competative, I'd call it a public casual experience.