So the map that you can pull up by holding "tab" key is a great tool that I feel is lacking.

  1. It would be nice to be able to hover my mouse over a teammates "map icon" and see that persons name pop up.

  2. And another thought was the ability to possibly draw on the map (by teammates or commanders) to allow for more thought out engagements (would help with competitive). Even the ability to mark waypoints, bookmark, or label the maps.

These are just my two biggest thoughts about the map feature. I hope that they may expand on the features of the map in future updates, because I believe it would make engagements more menecing and difficult when your fighting against an organized force.

BTW just wanted to say I carefully chose those two ideas out because they wouldn't alter how the game is played or add any real extra benifiet (because both teams could utilize the feature, thus it would stay at an even playing field).