loadouts in menu

i got the feeling that i lost a lot of time at a start of the game
when i had to set up my loadout still

most of my team was already out and going for it
wile i was still looking at my gun setup

so my suggestion would be
add a loadout option in the main menu
or at least pre game

regards noeka

I agree with this suggestion!

After playing multiple casual games I was able to figure out what loadouts I like to use after a few matches. However when I entered my first competitive match I was shocked to see that the loadouts are a bit different from casual. It would be nice to be able to customize loadouts from the main menu because it would give players time to think strategically about what to equip. This feature would also give new players a chance to see what gear is available to them before entering a match. I would be happy to see this implemented in the game!

Thank you for your time and have a nice day


The trick is to make all your loadouts in Local Play

Either that or a risk-free area where you can play with your weapons/loadouts. This suggestion is a popular one, so i'm certain NWI are looking into it.

At first beta there was a "loadouts" option in menu right?!

@cturix I couldnt agree more, and I would hope so!

@madafaca Yeah, during beta it said you could use Q and E to switch between the two. They removed that from the menu but if you hit E in the customization screen it still says "Coming soon". Maybe some day we'll get it added, it would be a lot more convenient than having to load in to a local game to create loadouts.