So there is this sweet little game mode that you guys should really add in the game! I’m sure you’ve played or heard of something similar. You have two teams and one team has a special person they have to escort to a special area and help that special person escape without the special person being killed by the opposing team. Lol for serious though please please just make Ambush happen! How about Search and or destroy.. How about rescues dem hostages.. Elimination..? IT PUTS THE IED ON THE CACHE OR IT GETS THE FAL AGAIN!! All I asked Santa for Christmas was a no respawn game mode. He was a bit confused but said he will see what he could do! 😃

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I love the Ambush mode from Insurgency 2014. I miss it. I hope they bring it back.
I also miss night maps (which I'm really happy they confirmed for the future).
And having a big diversity of maps. In insurgency 2014 you had buildings (Ministry and Embassy), outdoors (Peak), snow maps, desert maps, different ones like Panj... They confirmed more maps are coming... PLEASE, if possible, make a good range of different maps... Playing ranked games is getting repetitive right now because of the small amount of maps, and how similar some of them feel.
In Insurgency 2014 we had 17 maps, in Sandstorm we have 6.

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Ah I had my best memories in the old insurgency protecting that prick of a VIP. Good stuff.

VIP would be fun. I'm always a fan of search and destroy too. So thumbs up for your suggestions. 👍