Not enough XP for competitive

I think you don't get enought XP for competitive, im level 20 (80 in beta) at the moment and I get like 1/10 of the usual XP in a casual game, I think a competitive win should be rewarded with even more XP.

I agree that points are not high enough but I think the reward for playing competitive is kind of its own thing.

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@thenickgann What reward? Is there special competitive only stuff you can win or earn from playin comp..? Because I have only played one full game of comp.. mainly because it took 10 literal minutes to actually play (Between Searching-players leaving etc..) and in the end got pretty much diddly squat.. So IMHO until they 1.fix the match making I guess? And 2.make it actually worth while I don’t see any point in playing comp.. over normal versus. I also am still hoping. Wishing. Praying for my beloved Ambush to make a glorious return or even some other no respawn game mode!


I completely agree here. I just spent a good 40 minutes in a competive game and just got measly 2000 xp where I could easily get over 8000 xp in a normal casual game.