Limit competitive matchmaking

At the moment, it seems the matchmaking only averages the competitive rank of the whole team, and that's all. I think there should be a limit (per example, bronze players can only play with bronze, silver and gold), etc... And also a minimum lvl required (or match low levels with low levels). I know this can lead to longer queues, but I don't think this kind of matches are fun:

Diamond player with a lvl 1 and 3. The enemy team looks almost the same. And we had a leaver (there are a lot of leavers). How is it fair to team up a lvl 1 with a Diamond player? They don't even know what's an objective.

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Another balancing issue that I see: premades (+3 players in a party) are matched with people who are playing solo... It's not such a big issue like playing with a lvl 0, but feels a bit unfair too.

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I like competitive with a party, allows us to practice with some actual consequence or skin in the game. As for someone being a diamond player I am unsure how you can know what ranking they are. I am 35 in game as I play mostly noncompetitive. I however only just finished my placement matches and am gold 3.