tyranid torpedoes, too bad to warrant complaints

nobody used them so nobody complained
but they are still trash
even if all of them hit its 18 crew damage from a cruiser, and they never all hit
and they have less ammo in storage then imperials or orks
...because orks are a lot better at efficient storage then nids
also, they are not homing, like they are in lore
tho i guess thats represented by torps and assault boats being basically the same model

but easy solution for making tyranid torpedo launcher not a reason to not take a ship, because currently having it on a ship invalidates it as a possible good choice is give them both blindfire and homing boarding torps
would still be a bad weapon, but atleast wouldnt be a waste of space, maybe, tho not really
its still going to be bad

They are terrible. I played tyranids exclusively during the beta to really try and wrap my head around them so I could give some constructive feedback. After a few matches I simply gave up on them. Not enough crew damage to justify the effort. Random or single volleys are easily avoided and their to ineffective to justify trying to create overlapping lanes of fire.

In the end I avoided any ship that used them as I saw them as a waste of points.

they do morale damage, too? could be an angle to tweak them, if braced is reined in. would be interesting to have an ordnance / torpedo heavy build that destroys crew and morale only.

pretty sure they do no additional morale damage
3 crew damage is 30 morale damage so if all hit it can do 180 morale damage
so thats a lot worse then just regular torpedoes do just from the damage they do

also ships that have torpedoes have no other frontal weapons, so best case scenario they can combine it with boarding for a grand total of 300 morale damage with no way of doing any more
its easier to hulk ships then to break morale with boarding
you cant even break morale in a ork battleship you hulk, and orks are vulnerable to morale damage and have lots of troops to kill for morale damage
the morale damage boarding does is just sad, and if you do hulk all that morale damage is in vein
as the recrew wont care and the allies of the ship that just saw everyone eaten alive and heard the vox operator scream across all channels as fleshborer beatles ate her from the inside slowly and painfully as acid melted her skin off will just shrug and ignore because the only thing they care about is explosions they cant even see

boarding doesnt really interact with any of the other systems
boarding is not terrifying for some reason eventho its one of the most terrifying things in 40k space battles
boarding is pathetic
boarding cant be used as a morale weapon
morale tyranids use jaws, because ramming and screaming is their only morale weapon, the boarding is just to destroy the deck because they cant survive long enough to do it twice

like I wrote, tweak their morale damage / maybe crew damage too and of course add fleet-wide morale damage for something getting hulked, like we have for a destroyed ship. boarding alone should not do too much morale damage, or you are getting problems with all other fleets that can board too.

I always thought getting hulked means mostly getting the command structure killed, not everything on the vessel. maybe add an extra perk for nids, that stuff they hulked can't be re-crewed with a certain chance of ship self-destruct after getting overrun (and no player self-destruct). imo their stuff should have some healing perks for doing crew-damage too.

@Ashardalon how would you redesign nids?

i would mostly redesign crew
make them relevant instead of a -20% firerate being best case scenario
its 40k not star trek, except tau there is no automation, servitors get eaten too
if there is nobody to drag the house sized shells into the breach its not going to happen
try dragging a tank with 20 people and alone, the difference isnt going to be 20%, if it was changed to 40% lost per chunk as it should be marines might become relevant too
but i would prefer a non chunk based system and a linear reduction in all system based on crew
100 crew 100% reduced to 1 crew 1% (yes i know no ship has 100 crew but i didnt want to do the math of % when starting from 63, hope you still get what i mean with this example) and use the chunks just for the crits
and allow recrewing over 1, if you want to throw all your boarding actions onto one ship to get it back alive and functional that should be possible
beyond that nids need a massive price reduction in all ships except hive ships
change the shield boost skill into something relevant, remove call to arms or "spawning pools" as its just a call to arms rename, give them troop regen, replace with a skill that regains charges for launch bays, boarding and torps
make the shield boost better so its a competition between wich is best and put both on a longer cooldown
also, no recrewing for nids, if its empty its dead, recrewing is closer to a organ transplant for nids and doing that mid combat makes no sense, have their hulks just be debris
make tentacles do different things depending on the ship that does it
and give nids both blindfire and homing torps
maybe attach a barbed strangler to the torps so they can use it to catch kiters, in every novel about fighting nids in space a ship gets wrapped up in brambles, was not in TT but would still like to see them grow around enemy ships in game and temp crit systems (never permacrit) until turrets shoot it off, with a focus on engines
hulked ships also shouldnt have boarding crew after recrewing, but thats more stupidity of the current boarding system not nid specific
and jaws still need work, currently it only prevents ramming damage moving in a direction instead of ramming damage to a ship facing
currently it doesnt prevent ramming damage to the front of the ship just ramming damage moving backwards (im bad at explaining this) so you cant bite down and hang on, you need to do full stop before you rush or you are going to grind your ship to death, while the best weapon nids have its still in a sad state
and all escorts should explode into spore cloud on death, maybe LC too but not sure

and much much more
i can accept a slight reduction in effectiveness for the massive price reduction for low class ships
tho not to much, because their small ships are just bad currently

also fuck their escort pricing, they are close to necron price, they need to face two orks for every one they have and ork escorts are actually good
just fuck their escorts you are supposed to want to take them but the best they can do is explode in a spore cloud to give your ships a place to hide
and thats the best they can do because they cant do anything else, they are just bad and expensive, not just expensive

also give them some way to get detection
not the scan skill, its range has already made the widowmaker pointless, instead of attaching it to identification range
and nids dont need to lose flavor like they did with necrons having mutiny's
make nid aim increase scannier range instead of identification range, there are no nid weapons that could possibly benefit from the increased identification range

rant not over, but im going to stop anyway, its never going to end

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Have to agree with the escorts being at the very least, very disappointing compared to other fleet escorts. I expected tyranid ships to not be as good as other fleets ships on a ship to ship basis of equivalent tier , but I also expected them to be much cheaper than other fleets ships, much cheaper than they currently are. We should not be stacking heavy ships as tyranids, the fleet should have a strong focus on escorts with them being able to be both throw away units if you want, as well as one of your main damage dealers. Playing supportive/defensively with your hiveships/flagship and aggressively with your escorts. Wolves vs a bear is a way to look at it

Perhaps if tyranid escorts could board it would help them get a new lease on life and a unique trait for the faction. On the table top 4 tyranid escorts had more boarding strength than your average imperial cruiser. You ran them together and attacked together, boarding while making use of massive claws.