Competitive: learn from CS:GO?

I just played competitive and I feel like it just doesn't feel right. While the base game can definetly work in a competitive setting, I feel like adjustments have to be made from what it currently offers
The biggest issues lie in the gamemode and maps. To me it feels like the maps are too ''complicated'' for 5v5 gameplay and the gamemode (I had Firefight) only makes it worse, by having 3 objectives for five players.

Like the title says, I feel like CS:GO can teach game developers one very important lesson in this regard: simplicity.

To summarise

Create a gamemode with either just two capturepoints that are defended by one team and attacked by the other, or have bombs like in CS:GO. Now I understand that you don't just want to 'copy' CS:GO, but if you want a truly entertaining competitive experience, I feel like there might be no other choice. Again, simplicity is key, having three objectives like in 'firefight' with only 5 players is confusing and somewhat boring, in my opinion anyway.

Create maps that aren't too complicated. No tiny corners or holes to 'hide' in, but keep it fairly simple. Have a few routes to each objective and allow for tactical play. Allow players to push the other team into a certain position and close them in. Force people to work together! Of course, enterable houses can still be a part of this, but having too many of them will only make for a game of hide and seek, instead of entertaining gunplay.

Idk how other people feel about competitive, but the way it is now I do not find myself playing it a lot. All of this is of course my own opinion, so I am curious to see what others think.

I have played CS:GO rankeds for 200 hours, but I personally like the way rankeds are in Insurgency, especially having 3 different objectives. I think most of the tactical gameplay and the fun comes from that (although, unfortunately, it's true that many players don't know or don't want to play the objectives).

Maps are big and complex, but that's something I like from Insurgency. You depend more on good positioning than on aiming.

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Me personally I like Versus a lot better than Competitive, and to be honest I wish the Versus was a little bit more like battlefield, imagine a 30v30 warzone. Of course 10 is fine too, but in my opinion, the 5v5 is kinda lame for me, especially with the huge map. Just gives room for "holding positions" and holing up in some corner of the map. Then again, I've only put like 30 minutes in competitive so I feel like I haven't given it a true shot, that's just my first take on it.

The one reason why this game or any other games can't copy CSGO is that CS series are masterpiece. I can attest this as I've been playing cs series since 2002 or something like that.
In cs, particularly csgo, you will find that every single piece of nades, guns, and other stuff is crucial to the gameplay. That will transform save rounds to victory clutch rounds. Not to mention, the economy system is just out of this world(so smart how developers came up with that). Additionally, maps are designed to be competitively played. For instance, there is hardly any spot on bomb sites that you can hide without being seen from one angle. Obviously certain maps aren't like that but most of them are. All the maps have A and B sites with CT rotation paths that later become choke points for retakes...etc. Such a masterpiece of a game!

With that said, rainbow siege can be something that insurgency can aspire to become for competitiveness. Both games have obj's and many many corners and hiding spots but the biggest difference between the two is 2 shot body shots to death. Until insurgency developers change the most fundamental part of the game that promotes realism, it will never be as competitive as other games mentioned above.

I would rather encourage the developers to come up with their own method and become the pioneer of the new competitive meta!

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How many hours have you put into firefight?

I have 300 hours on sandstorm and almost all of those hours are firefight.

I enjoy firefight, it’s like a chess game. But you are correct in saying it’s not simple. There a lot of ways to win, there’s overtime, I play comp and I rarely make it through a game without someone on my team saying “what just happened?” At the end of the round.

I see people in versus say “what is this game mode? I’m removing this from my Mach preferences”.

Because it’s not an easy mode to learn and takes time it also makes it a bad spectators sport. The game mode needs to be intuitive for it to be an e-sport.

If your willing to invest time into learning the mode the 5v5 is imo the best game mode currently available for sandstorm.

I've always heard cs:go has the most toxic playerbase of all time. I certainly wouldn't want to do anything that might attract them. 😆

So what we're all agreeing, is this would be great in competitive 5v5 if the maps were totally different? The maps arguably being the lion's share of development overhead. With all-new gamemodes to ultimately convert Sandstorm into another game.

It's like saying "she'd be really pretty if she had a different face and a different body".