Competative playlist (growing the playlist and fixes)

With the feedback, it will be split between how i think the average player can jump into competative playlist, and the other half talking about some fixes for competative.

Starting with the playlist, theres a lot of room for potential along with getting more players to play firefight. But before I suggest some ideas, here are some personal reasons from myself and others to not play competative.

  • ranks don't mean of much valve to players
  • the games are short and not longer than a regualar playlist option
  • Firefight is misunderstood and not focused on enough as a main game mode

Generally from what I gather, the playlist doesnt exactly offer a fun experience outside the game mechanics and unique play style of insurgency, when that can be obtained from a quick regualar playlist. Ranks are not displayed in competative after matches or during regular servers to even give players a reason to play competative and show off some skill. To summarise, they dont feel the need to play because they already have a fun experience in a regular server.

Incentives for Competative playlist:

  • Weekly and monthly rewards. Give the players more exp for completing and playing well in matches over a period of time. Such as credits or perhaps for the future, rare cosmetics only obtainable through competative.

  • 2xEXP weekend for Competative. Each weekend, you could offer double the exp for players who want to climb the ranks faster.

  • Discord links for Insurgency Gym, DGL and PGL in the main menu. This isnt tied to the playlist, but integrating your core competative discord communities can help provide promotion to the servers for new players.

General fixes for competative

  • make in between rounds timer longer (gives players more time to coordinate strategy and optimize thier class to execute the strategy)

  • longer games (best of 11 or 12) just a slight increase that makes it not so long but not so short. I think it's a good balance between both.

  • Insurgent Advisor class has the weakest weopons options available. Potentially the ALPHA Ak needs to be put in the advisor class or the development team need to add a weopon for that class so that it matches secruity forces well enough. Shotguns are hard to use outside short range, the Uzi is very weak on most stats and the AKS74u being the best gun in the class, struggles with the low fire rate to match secruity guns.

There should also be a way to reconnect to a running match or at least a bot that can be used by a dead player, if someone loses connection during a game(happened to me today(3rd round), teamspeak was still connected though) or abandones a match otherwise it's pretty unfair.

I also think that competitive mode should reward you with more exp than regular modes or at least bonus money, because I feel like you earn just like half as much exp in competitive.

I'm not sure about the weapon balance , since insurgent forces get a pistol for free. Maybe a second pistol magazine without the ammo vest would be nice on the other hand, there wouldn't be a reason to use the ammo vest if that would be the case.