HammerFest ( 3 Creeks )

This is a trailing map, no logging to be done here.
Take something capable, winch/lockers required

Thanks to PiX3LMonkey (Rocks), Nix (logs, concrete blocks), Tattoo (Rocks) for letting me use their models.
Also thanks to the guys who helped me test and offered feedback to help improve it, you know who you are.

This map is based off of an area I like to go to close to my home.

Only objective is to keep the rubber side down.

0_1545521542977_20181222015026_1.jpg0_1545521592438_20181222004650_1.jpg0_1545521554965_20181222014803_1.jpg0_1545521617483_20181215224208_1.jpg0_1545521635460_20181215204501_1.jpg0_1545521678538_20181203131957_1.jpg0_1545522043705_Untitled49.png0_1545522103353_Untitled45.png 0_1545522127283_Untitled43.png 0_1545522160987_Untitled29.png 0_1545522179156_Untitled32.png 0_1545522215294_Untitled13.png 0_1545522227220_Untitled22.png 0_1545522240159_33178152_1905364376151925_8166235664522674176_n.jpg 0_1545522246629_33158677_1905364589485237_3338733208828116992_n.jpg 0_1545522256562_33151665_1905364539485242_7340919615121260544_n.jpg

Loving the map so far! Spotted a few seams in the terrain, but a quick rebuild will likely fix those. 🙂
Also, which rig in the IRL pics is yours?

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Thanks, I will do a quick rebuild on the terrain, because of some of the steep terrain when I rebuild terrain I get some excessively dark shadowing, to fix it I usually rebuild visible which fixes the issues but creates those tears.
The XJ in the bottom pic is mine..although it looks a little different now.