Better solution to G36 extended magazines.

The in-game placeholder extended magazines look pretty poor as they're just stretched versions of the regular magazines. STANAG magazines with higher capacities definitely do exist (and I think Magpul make their own too), the Russians make 40 round mags for the RPK74, but the G36 is an outlier in that as far as I can find, extended magazines are not available (unless you go with a Beta-C drum, which would be awesome on an MG36 please add this for gunner).

When you (NWI) come around to modelling extended magazines for the weapons, you won't be able to find a piece of source material to model for the G36. I have a solution to this issue:

alt text

For the same one point cost, instead of having a few extra rounds in the magazine, let's have two mags locked together. Reduce reload time on every other reload by about 65%.

Would also differentiate the M4 and G36 a little further which I feel would be advantageous.

I think the stretched STANAG mags look ugly, so I don't run them. I like the idea you've proposed about magazines taped together for faster reloads, but that presents a new problem of the game having to decide which magazine (or double magazine) to swap the current one for.

I recognise there's programming and animation overheads but this would be such a great feature nonetheless.

Taping magazines together didn't even cross my mind, but yeah, that'd be awesome too as an alternative to extended mags for those without clamps.

@whitby said in Better solution to G36 extended magazines.:

(unless you go with a Beta-C drum, which would be awesome on an MG36 please add this for gunner).

There's a reason the US Army has never used Beta's C-Mags, despite testing them several times, and the German Army has stopped using the MG-36. They're just not reliable (and the G-36 family has other issues).

I love the idea of using the built-in mag couplers though. You're right, I'm not aware of any extended mags for the G-36. I think giving it the ability to use the coupler instead of an extended mag is brilliant, and would help set the rifle apart from the AR-15 family a little more.

Sure, there are plenty of products designed to couple AR mags together, and you can do it easily with some tape and an empty casing, but leaving it unique to the G-36 would be pretty neat too.