Map Changing/Load Freeze @100%

I've seen it mentioned a lot in-game, but haven't been able to find a thread on here or on steam related to the game just hanging at 100% after finishing a game on any server. Once a map has been selected and the countdown ends, the map load screen begins. Once the loading reaches 100%, game audio begins, but I'm stuck on load screen. I have to alt+F4/alt+tab out and completely relaunch the program. This has happened in EVERY instance of map change.

Ridiculous. Any fix? Having to relaunch the game is not acceptable.

chk ram usage, i had that problem cos of lot of other apps were open and system had less free ram.

Thanks. Yeah, I've done all the normal checks. Checked file integrity, make sure network connection is good, normal (approx 50% or less) ram in use. CPU also well within means. It's ridiculous.