More tickers in the options menu

  • TAA settings: The current implementation of TAA is a bit too blurry for my taste, I was able to edit the ini file to tune down the blur strength, so I get better visibility. I suggest there should be an option for TAA (high) and TAA (low). Perhaps just tweak the default TAA setting.

  • Sharpening filter: Currently, the only way to enable the sharpening filter is to edit your ini file. The sharpening filter makes black/white lines appear where there are slight color differences. Things will look cartoonish when set too high, but it could it could help with readability if put an an appropriate level.

  • Clear Cache button:
    There appears to be a stuttering problem that persists until you delete your config file.
    (which is located here)-->%apdata%/local/insurgency/saved/config/windowsclient
    You could turn around allot of negative reviews if only there were a button in the options menu to quickly delete your config files.

  • Radio beep option:
    Some people think the radio beeps are annoying, maybe there could be an option to turn them off.