On the fence about picture in picture scopes...

I love the new picture in picture scope feature, its far more realistic and immersive, and it adds a unique dynamic to the game. The issue is that you lose a massive amount of peripheral vision, and is therefore inferior to the traditional scope view where your entire vision zooms in, not just the scope.

As it stands right now, players like me who want the realism of the PIPS system are at a constant disadvantage to the majority of players, who don't use the option. I feel forced to disable it, just so I can perform well in the game.
Part of me feels that making PIPS always on for all players would improve the realism of the game, but it would also lead to a bad FPS drop for all players since the PIPS system is pretty graphically intensive.

Curious to hear thoughts from other players on this.

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I keep it off because my input lag is already in the range of 9-14 ms. Enabling it increases my input lag even further, making it nearly impossible to get a good shot. My environmental awareness is also much better with the 3d scopes off. I can't see any detail outside the scope, but I'll have more of an idea of what the environment looks like.

I'm hoping a new system can be put in place, one that lowers the rendering resolution of everything outside the scope. (That way, you can have PiP scopes without ruining your fps or causing too much input lag)

also the fps
went from 160 fps to 100-110 fps