You should add ban system for players who leave, 80% of matches there are leavers ruining the game, can't believe you have no system implemented to prevent this.

Also teaming a good player with absolutely insane noob bad players, this is not good

It’s worse when you have someone who’s been playing since the August beta so the entire other team just leaves. Best solution is to allow bans when they leave in the middle of a match. Don’t ban them if they leave after 1 round or 1 minute into the match since that just makes regular play feel like competitive

That thing of queueing up good player with complete noobs need to reach the devs, every game has that rule and this game should not be an exception. People of the same rank should queue with the same rank, and add a rule that only people above a certain level should be able to play competitive. I'm plat and a day ago my team on competitive was 2 guys lvl 1 who said to me that it was their very first game and i was against a full team lvl 15 above, it's not a good experience, and i would say it's frustating trying to win a game like this, please make some rules for competitive and queue players of the same rank, golds against golds, diamonds against diamonds and etc.

I think they should reduce the waiting time for the map loading in competitive games. I have played rankeds for 22 hours, and, when we are joining the game, there are two possibilities:

  1. People join the game in less than one minute
  2. People never join the game

I have never seen anyone loading after 2 minutes. I believe there's no point waiting 3 minutes for them to load the map. Feels really bad waiting all this time for nothing.

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I think it's important to consider the high number of people being disconnected or kicked from the server due to the "Host Closed Connection" error/other client-side lobby booting that's still going on. I have not yet been able to complete a match without that happening, and several forum posts indicate other people are being kicked mid-match.