PUSH: Ranked

Push is one of the most exciting game modes, and seems to be clearly the most popular for the player base. I believe there should be a ranked version of it! There might have to be a modification of the mode such as the amount of players per team or re-spawn waves available to each team, idk. BUT, this would make the ranked game mode so much more exciting and people would be actually playing ranked more frequently than they are now!

In Game:


Good idea! This classification would be correct when rewarding for playing objectively. Certainly, the players would have more motivations and the quality of the game would increase.

I do not think it's positive that NW offers our community only the qualification for FireFight's "competitive" mode. All modes of play are relevant and promote the Impulse of the Essence of what has always been the Insurgency.

That said, I'm sure a rating for Push and Skirmish would be more than adequate, it would be essential.

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I used to play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which had objective based gameplay, where other team was defending and the other was attacking. Map usually had multiple phases like push game mode has. It was played 6v6 in competive matches. Teamplay and tactics had so much depth in that game, it was so much to play it in comp team 🙂

There are some similarities in Insurgency push game mode.

I'd love some ranked push if it didn't have air support.

Enemy Territory had fire support (artillery&airstrike) and worked very well in competitive in that game. Teams used it as a tactical tool both defensively and offensively and it's use as part of team tactics evolved really far in ET top teams, with coordinated team moves involving precise syncronization with fire support etc. it was art.