Loving the Game, But My Biggest Gripes Are...

None of these things are big enough to stop me from playing the game, but it looks like this is the main place for submitting feedback, so here it is!

  1. No Shooting Range: This is a small one, but there's enough guns and attachments that a shooting range to pop into to put together loadouts would be great. Local play works, but isn't ideal. It'd be especially cool if you could use this shooting range to customize classes for each role for each faction for each playlist (COOP/Versus/Competitive).
  2. Competitive Matchmaking Needs Work: For my first ever three competitive matches in a row, I was placed against the same pre-made group of 5 very good players, who had clearly been destroying everyone all night. For someone with 0 matches played, it felt quite broken. Players in-game did mention that this was being looked into, but it's definitely an issue.
  3. XP Gain Feels Broken: The XP bonus for time played is... weird. Usually the XP bonus will be somewhere in the range of 2,000-5,000, but we just played a 30-minute match and got ~350 XP for time played. Considering that this is most of your XP income, this is a bit annoying when it happens. It seems like it may be related to whether or not you won the match, but that doesn't seem like a balanced way to do things. On top of that, bonuses such as "first win of the day" feel random. I'll get it multiple times per day and for matches that I didn't even win.
  4. No Spawn Protection in COOP: It doesn't happen too often, but spawning with an enemy right next to your spawn and instantly dying is far from fun. A few seconds of spawn protection would be fantastic. On top of this, bots headshotting you can feel like a case of really crazy RNG. I've got a pretty heartbreaking clip of spawning, walking 10 feet, aiming at a sprinting bot, only to have that bot stop running for a fraction of a second before headshotting me on the first shot from 75-100 yards away. I wouldn't miss it at all if bots simply couldn't deal headshot damage.
  5. Door Kick Kill Radius is Too Large: There's quite a few instances where I've seen door-kick kills where the victim was around the corner from the door (in other words, the door can't swing all the way around to hit them). Door-kick kills are great and all, but it's super frustrating to die to them when you should be safe.
  6. Bots Are Too Accurate With the Mounted Machine Gun: I get that the technicals should be dangerous, but when the bots get on a technical, suddenly their accuracy skyrockets by what feels to be 1,200%. Peeking at a technical just to see if a bot is there often results in instant death. Even if that doesn't happen, they might just track you through the wall as you back away. A reduction in MG accuracy (and maybe an increase in reaction time) would make it feel less like going up against an aimbotter.
  7. Summit COOP Framerate: This is probably very well known, but the last objective on Summit COOP always breaks while defending the last objective, with frames dropping to 10-15 at times (even for my friend that has a GTX 1080 TI).

Been playing a ton and plan on continuing to play, but these are definitely some big pain points.

@the_law_x check my post about the shooting range: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/33550/practice-range/5

They should add access to the shooting range in the main menu though.