Day 1: won 6, lost 3 and got 1 tie = gold III
Day 2: Won 2, lost 2, 1 tie = Still gold III
Day 3: lost 1, won 4 in a row = still gold III


Is it broken or I am missing something?

Moving on to ranked queue...
I am gold and my friend is platinum. We get matches sometimes with people who clearly never played the game before. Just got a level 2 guy that didn't have a clue on what he was doing.
Work harder in that matchmaking to avoid putting newbies with more experienced players. Even if that should make the matchmaking longer. It hurts a lot the popularity of the game when newcomers face veterans because they have have terrible matches and quit the game forever.
Also, ranked should be locked to players below a certain level.

Now, concerning afkers and quitters. Why isn't there a report button yet?
We have to be able to report people who quit and do other shitty stuff during the game because a lot of people don't seem to understand yet that ranked matches are meant to be played to win and not whatever.
At the moment, 1 in each 4 matches I have at least one quitter in my team. Are they even punished?