Stuttering and fps drops

My game is stuttering quite a lot and I am having also fps drops. I tried changing many settings but nothing really seems to improve significantly.
i5 6600
GTX 1070
Win10 Pro

@d0nkeyt0m is the game installed on your main ssd/hdd? i realized that's what helped me

Yeah this is really bothering me.
When i bought the game on Beta release it was practically unplayable, couple updates later and i seen major improvements the game was playable other than these frequent extreme stutters. Then a recent patch fixed it and i was enjoying the smooth gameplay and then out of no where the stuttering came back, its so annoying. I am playing on literally the lowest possible settings getting a steady 60fps with VSYNC and then out of no where frame freeze stutter, horrific.

@ExcelTV You shouldn't use VSync, if your framerate goes below 60 it immediately cuts your fps in half which might account for the stutters.

I have similar hardware to you.
7700, 1070, 16GB ram, and like you, I have an SSD.

I found that LOW settings actually hurt my performance as I assume it made the game more processor reliant.

I changed textures to high, antialiasing to SMAA1X, post processing to high, shadows on low, foliage on low, and the others didn't really seem to matter. Make sure your memory pool is high in the bottom of your settings and change those resolutions on the bottom both to 1024.

Do keep in mind that your processor is beneath the "recommended" specs and maybe an overclock/upgrade could fix your issue if settings cannot.