Why is this game using nearly 16GB of VRAM?

Over the course of 11 hours that I played this game the amount of VRAM used gradually went up to 16GB. In the attached screenshot the reduction in RAM usage is when the game finished and I went back to the main menu.

Setting are all low except textures are on very high and keep textures loaded is toggled on. There was no performance hit in terms of FPS or stutter. (I never had a stutter issue on my system.) The last game I played was extremely buggy with sounds where not playing at all including when I shot or got shot.


I think it's obvious... if you turn on "keep textures loaded" and play for 11 hours... You pretty much have all the game textures loaded in the VRAM. You can disable this option, or restart the game once in a while.

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its not hurting anything....ide leave it on. you have the ram available. I do.