[Feedback] Inviting players for opposing team?


Unless I am mistaken, it seems it is only possible to invite 1 player for a 1v1 or to team up with you for a 2v2 against another 2 random players.

Given that we have a 2v2 option it would be great to be able to invite not only your team mate but also the two players of the opposing team, allowing up to 4 friends to play the game together.

Will this feature be there at launch? Or was it already possible to do so in the beta and I missed how to do so?

Thanks 🙂

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Agreed! Although I don't think it should be possible in a ranked match, you should be able to play a casual 2v2 with your friends.

This seems to be something that very few people have picked up on so far lol. Me and my mate were having a great time in the beta so far, but weirdly enough, we have other friends we'd like to do a 2v2 with as well, and the inability to do so kind of took the wind out of our sails. I mean this was a feature in the first game, surely they wouldn't remove the ability to, outside of ranked, play with 3 of your mates... surely?