VSS and AS VAL in game

Will be VSS added for insurgents as an automatic weapon for a sniper class? And will be AS VAL added for assault classes as an alternative to AK? 0_1545257435367_12121212123.png 0_1545257512554_Opera Снимок_2018-12-20_011127_en.wikipedia.org.png

I'd like to see the FAL and L1A1 given to sniper and support. Sniper gets suppressors and 7x scopes, and support gets extended mags.

Why would the insurgents have access to special operations russian weapons?
Same goes for security.

There are a lot more guns, that'd be amazing in this game. Since we have bullet penetration, we could make use of a .50 cal sniper rifle, like the M82 Barrett. It should give an instant kill through anything, since on impact, the bullets "blows up" the concrete or whatever wall there is, resulting in several sharpnels.
That's just one out of a dozen, I'd also like to see.

9x39mm isn't exactly a cartridge a bunch of ragtag militia would have easy access to...although I definitely wouldn't mind it showing up in a custom theater, I'm obsessed with the VSS ever since I got my hands on it in PUBG.

@sgt-kanyo AS VAL and VSS were actively used during the war in Afghanistan, where they were captured and used on the side of the militants. Now we can observe the use of this weapon in Syria by ISIS.