If someone uses a sketchup model for their tire, Then would i be able to use that same sketchup model aswell?

Ok so @Rüthleşş Gaming got super pissed that i put a tire (from sketchup) onto one of my private (not even friends only) mods. He also used that same tire in his truck that he has been working on in max. He got super mad and said that it his model (which its not). Im not sure what to do, since he is now threatening me if i use those tires.

Now keep in mind that these tires are from sketchup, and were made like 5 years ago. The only thing he did to them was change the rims, and is claiming that they are his tires. Im freaking out right now and not sure what to do. If you're reading this, please just post something in the chat for help.

Sketchup Model: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/a3154f73ba0011baa10cf495b6dc4ef/Super-Swamper-Tires


Why the fuck would anyone here give 2 shits.

It just gets my head thinking honestly.