• Sometimes player models do not render at all
  • Sometime the first and third person models are facing the wrong way
  • Sounds sometimes do not play at all
  • Sometimes the playback does not update the player position and appears to freeze. This is especially prevalent with putting the playback speed to 3x.
  • The default control scheme has left click used for changing players and moving the camera.
  • Animations are sometimes completely out of sync (ie: a prone player who is moving at sprint speed)
  • Decals such as marks from shots are out of sync

Example video showing some of the bugs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEhGouCYT5A

Improvements and Enhancements

  • Remove the left click button from changing player to making the players clickable from the map or on the interface. Ability to click on players on the screen would be a bonus.

  • Allow the adding of sharing a specific time of a replay. For example, make it so that you can add a semi colon after the reference text to mark the time and player or camera location.
    • 5386d47d-7eb6-4b47-8221-a61049db1731;5:33;playerid
    • 5386d47d-7eb6-4b47-8221-a61049db1731;5:33;cameraposition&direction

  • Add a feature to bookmark the replay for future reference by pressing a hotkey while playing the game. This will help players keep track of parts of a replay that they want to review later.

  • Add in the finial stats view when looking at replays.

  • 3rd person, allow the camera to be zoomed in and out.

  • Add a key (F1) that toggles bringing up all shortcut keys for the replay system.

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