Feedback + Suggestion

Skirmish mode online + friend but with faction wars applied.
= 2 enemy AI always consist of the same faction - Lore correct alliances.

  • Example - 2 players = Imperial Navy + Space Marines vs 2 AI = Necron + Necron / or Chaos + Chaos or Chaos + Imperial Navy ( which can be seen as traitors ) - Definitely not Eldar and Chaos or Eldar and Necron.

Friendly fire.
Player controlled ships that fly parallel to each other in close proximity and both are engaging a single enemy target using board side weaponry should result in the more distant ship not firing at all due to a friendly ship being in its line of fire.
I have seen friendly weapons fire pass through a friendly ship, whilst it should be damaging it.

3D Battles - Just an idea.
A simple mechanic to give vertical depth to the plane.
In each ships skill menu, there should be an up arrow and a down arrow much like on a keyboard,

  • Clicking the up arrow has your ship ascend a mere few units in an up-curving manoeuvre.

  • Clicking the down arrow has your ship descend the same amount of units in a down-curving manoeuvre. ( bringing it back to the original plane. )

This manoeuvre also depletes a ship's fuel such as full a head would.

  • This spacial difference should be just enough to avoid certain incoming ships trying to ram you and to avoid weapons fire.
    This could create a very interesting dynamic to the game with near hits and misses, in some cases where you barely grace your opponents bottom side because he ventured to a higher plane in a nick of time... and this also forces players to be more resourceful in their positioning and in how they spend their fuel.

  • In addition, this could be made even more dynamic by adding a third plane, - Upper plane - Middle plane ( games original plane. ) and a lower plane

this can be extended by giving the ships the left and right arrow or automated in the ship. where going on another plane than your targeted ships results in your ship slightly tilting on its own axis to position itself to allow for board sides weapons fire... so in that manner, you can hit your enemies from below or above. - however using prow weaponry this way would be impossible, since the ships themselves would have to turn themselves vertically unless you want to make it so.

Thank you for reading.
I hope at least the first suggestion is within the realm of possibility.

Both BFGA 1 and 2 are some of the best 40k games I have ever had the joy of playing... seriously top notch.

Maybe in the 3rd title if there will be one 3d battles a la homeworld could be cool but im fine with flat plane battle

BFG has always been a 2D abstraction of a 3D plane which is why there is no FF, the ships simply go below/above each other and can body block for allied ships because they intentionally close in front of them. Adding a 3D plane totally changes how the game functions, it would be tall order at all let alone this close to release.

how would this even work for factions that dont have the standard imperial boost gauge
+its already easy enough to dodge rams