[BUG] "Built-in" Wallhack in game

Hi, i've found This Steam guide for optimizing the game a little, but after applying the settings shown in the guide, i messed around with the engine.ini file located in C:\Users\AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient and i've found that if the string r.ViewDistanceScale is set to the 0 value, all in game props are gone. This thing is extremely broken since, anyone can just wallhack trough props, rocks, door frames, certain walls etc.

I hope it can help the development of this amazing game.
I also hope this is the right channel where to report this issue. Developers, just let me know if you need some kind of additional informations 🙂

I can confirm. Not all props disappear but most do. Also some floors and stairs become see through. The object is still there as you cannot walk through it, but it can be seen through.
0_1545234806276_see2.png 0_1545234810996_see3.png 0_1545234816486_seethrough.png

LOL - do I hear another stat wipe incoming?

Hi, thank you for this, I've passed it along.

@iyagovos no problem man, happy to help you guys

Fixed internally, should appear in next game update. Thanks guys !