Only Famale appearance

I don't have male chacarter for security.I've tried to change Gender, Randomize, Restart the game....but the appearance still as women, even with male gender.

same exact issue i posted recently. Im trying to be bald and have a beard damnit!

Hi both, I'm passing this along to the dev team now.

@achmed88 A friend of mine has this problem too, but I think it might've been fixed for him. Try deleting your profile file in AppData/Local/Insurgency. You won't lose anything and it might fix the bug.

Hi Max, Im having the same issue but I can't seem to find that file in my PC, where should I look?

I've had this same issue since the second Alpha, I was on the New World Interactive's live stream and the person running to suggested to randomize your appearance, yet that clearly does nothing. Still waiting for a solution.

@iyagovos Thanks! I've tried to do what MarksmanMax said and worked!

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